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Harper Sports Cars was originally founded to offer the world a high performance sports car.

The Harper Type 5 and Type 6 Sports Cars are a South African designed and built mid engine sports car intended for use on the street and race track.

They can be supplied in fully built turnkey form locally or for export. Right or left hand drive versions can be ordered with a range of engine and specification options which are all meant for normal road use, as well as being competitive on the race track.

The basic 2.0 litre Turbo model offers 400 bhp/ton performance or upgrade to V6 or V8 cylinder turbo’s with the sky being the limit. The weight of this car is 685kg of average with a power of 175 hp

The Fahlke Larea GT1, a naturally aspirated or supercharged V8 supercar for the highest demands on the road and the racetrack – the sprint from zero to 200 km / h takes 5.0 seconds, with semi-slicks  

The street-legal Larea GT1 is built by hand in four versions: the S7 with 550 HP, the S9 with 720 HP, the S10 with 1004 HP and the S12 with 1260 HP. The exorbitant acceleration values, its top speed and the attainable cornering speeds characterize it as an uncompromising super sports car.

With a large front wing, fully covered underbody, diffuser and adjustable rear wing. All aerodynamic couplings are made of carbon and are precisely calculated so that they ensure unprecedented contact pressure and thus the highest curve tempos

This is an aerodynamic carbon body designed in the wind tunnel in a classic GT racing car shape – with a width of 1.98 meters and a height of only 1.08 meters. The interior is individually designed depending on the intended use and the owner’s request – right up to full leather appointments or pure visible carbon

Isis is the road legal version of the Saker RapX. Saker build pure racing accessible, with sportscars that provide the ultimate racing fun, year after year.

As low volume car manufacturer, Isis Saker RapX is produced in small numbers. It’s fitted with a 280 BHP engine and it only weighs 820 kg. It reaches 100 km/h in 4,2 seconds and has a top speed of 260 km/h. 

 Isis RapX price: € 90.000, depending specifications

Superlite SL-C is a great kit car, it is designed by a small group of engineers. Superlite SL-C is a clean, modern sport prototype-style car that incorporates the most advanced technology to help make the car easier to self-build and better to drive. 

The complete kit cost €39.700 approximately, without the transmission system and tires. A complete usually costs about €53.300 using all the new parts and your labor.

The ARL SP-1 is a track-focused car with up to date styling. The power is provided by a Honda CBR1000RR engine, offering just under 200bhp coupled with a slipper clutch and 6 speed sequential gearbox for an exhilarating drive. 

Although the SP-1 is track focused, it is also fully road legal and will be available in road or track based build modules, with the comprehensive chassis kit starting at £3060. 

ARL SP-1 Price: The whole build cost is from £20,000 in kit-car form, or from £34,000 fully built (turnkey car).

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