My Wife Is A Slot Machine Addict

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by “Jim”


My wife goes to an Indian on line casino in San Diego County any place from two to five situations a thirty day period, and likely wastes at the very least $1,000 for every month–probably more. It is really gotten worse currently, with just about every Sunday a casino working day. When she’s there it is for at the very least 4 to 6 hours, often more–in some cases the whole evening. (She’s been recognised to get a space and then come house at 5:00 or 6:00 A.M.–even when she has to go to work the subsequent day. She lies about heading, lies about her losses–and by no means admits the outrageous dollars innovations she usually takes (“payday loans” and so on.), which will commonly charge her $55 to get a “$300” progress. A whilst again, immediately after an inheritance from my mom, I paid out again all her advancements as well as credit playing cards she’d maxed out. I also compensated the pawn store $12 K for the jewellery she’d hocked. She helps make $140 K a calendar year and is the key–but not sole–earner. She even borrows revenue from our older (employed) daughter to help pay back our youthful daughter’s university tuition. She REFUSES to acknowledge she has a dilemma. Also, when I DO have some dollars coming in, she expects me to use all of it for costs although she retains going back again to the casino. When she’s there–she functions Weird and will remain in a chair for Hours seeking to hit the “jackpot” that hardly ever quite transpires.

I’m on the verge of contemplating suicide simply because I just can’t deal with her any longer hell, when she’s at the casino, she would not remedy my calls–JUST TEXTS if I’m lucky. [We also have another Large trouble–her Total refusal of ANY sex for almost 20 many years and Complete REFUSAL to even talk about the subject. I am 60 and she’s 58. We both equally have sophisticated degrees. Nevertheless, thanks to circumstances (overall health concerns, and many others.) I am dependent on her economically.

That’s the “limited” model. God Bless!