List of all car brands in the Czech Republic

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​At drivingyourdream we bring you a complete list of Czech car brands. We’re dedicated to low volume car brands and to offer free automotive design courses.

Although the Czech Republic is a relatively small country, this country plays a great role in the worldwide automotive industry. This is mainly due to its good geographical location, excellent infrastructure and skilled labor. The country has three major automakers: Skoda Motors, and two of the most modern factories in the world, Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Czech and TPCA (Toyota Peugeot Citroën Automobile). Czech Republic is the founder of one of the oldest car brands in the world: Škoda Auto

The Czech Republic is known for its history of precision manufacturing and top research. In fact, this is the largest industry in the Czech Republic where the automotive industry accounts for more than 9% of GDP. More than 5000 researchers work in the Czech Republic, and about 20% of private R&D investment are concentrated in the automotive sector. Nearly a quarter of the Czech Republic’s exports and manufacturing come from the automotive industry. 

In 2019, 1.4 million cars were manufactured in the country, and employs more than 160,000 people in the automotive sector. A very high figure considering that Czech Republic has 10.65M inhabitants.

How many car brands are in Czech Republic?

There are currently 25 brands in our list of all Czech car manufacturers, although new brands are constantly emerging.​

We hope you will discover many new car brands made in Czech Republic, and even totally unknown car brands before you see this post. If you wan​t to add any, please write to us if you know any brand missing on the list

Without further ado, enjoy the Full Czech Car brands List

  1. ​Alfa Racing CZ
  2. Autohandl / Thunderbolt
  3. B-Racing
  4. Bureko
  5. Erko R2
  6. Gordon
  7. Havel
  8. Honker
  9. Innotech
  10. Jaguar-Replica
  11. Kaipan
  12. Lehar
  13. Monotracer / Peraves
  14. MV Motors (Luka)
  15. MTX
  16. Necra
  17. Pony
  18. RSK / Kalvoda
  19. Skoda
  20. Svos
  21. Tatra
  22. TTE 222D
  23. Velor
  24. Velor-x-Trike
  25. ZED / (Evcar / Xindayang)

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