list of all Austrian car manufacturers

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At drivingyourdream we bring you a complete list of Austrian car manufacturers.

Austria has become a high-quality business force behind mobility concepts.  The automobile industry in Austria, including tiers1 and tiers2, ranks among the three major industrial sectors in Austria. Austria is one of the most diverse autonomous driving test environments in Europe.

The world’s lightest and most efficient high-performance batteries for electromobility and the preference of the use of artificial intelligence are among the focal points in Austria. Between 2011 and 2015, more than 1,600 patents were registered in the Austrian automotive industry. Austrian auto parts suppliers have won the reputation as reliable partners. The Austrian automotive industry showed us the following data: Since 1980, Austria has produced 2.4 million cars ,which means 25.5 billion euros in output value

How many car brands are in Austria?

There are currently 12 brands in our list of all Austrian car manufacturers, although new brands are constantly emerging.

We hope you will discover many new car brands made in Austria, and even totally unknown car brands before you see this post. If you want to add any, please write to us if you know any brand missing on the list

Without further ado, enjoy the Full Austrian Car brands List

  1. Achleitner
  2. Barbach (Michael Barbach Porsche Manufactur.
  3. Graf Carello
  4. Haidlmair
  5. Kreisel evex
  6. KTM
  7. PRC
  8. Puch Pinzgauer (Spare parts)
  9. Reform
  10. Tiroch Art
  11. Tushek
  12. Umdasch

Haidlmair HAI E3 is a prototype of the company, non-commercial.
Puch Pinzgauer is active for restorations, special works and spare parts

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