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The 7 days of July 11th is Countrywide Lottery Week and a time to accept that even though lottery video games are a form of enjoyment for the too much to handle the vast majority of Floridians who perform, they can build serious complications for a section of the population – problem gamblers. There are a lot of misconceptions men and women have about lottery video games, so Nationwide Lottery Week is a great option to distinguish myths from details.

Myths Details
State lotteries are not a variety of gambling. State lotteries supply gambling video games of opportunity, so when a particular person buys a lottery ticket, when they might hope to gain, they risk losing.
Lottery gamers are not considered gamblers. People taking part in lottery online games are no various from these who position wagers on other varieties of gambling.  When folks get lottery tickets, they are risking their cash on games with uncertain outcomes, which is the definition of gambling.
Men and women are unable to develop into addicted to lottery games. A proportion of all lottery players practical experience issues owing to gambling on these video games.  The complications that they and their families expertise are no diverse than other trouble gamblers.  It is also real that some forms of lottery video games are a lot more addictive than other individuals (i.e., involve quick cycles of engage in).

The Florida Council on Compulsive Gambling’s 24-Hour Private and Multilingual HelpLine, 888-Admit-IT, continues to demonstrate lottery online games amid the major three sorts of gambling persons most establish when trying to get aid. Based mostly on 2019-2020 HelpLine information, the common money of lottery players getting in contact with the crisis line for help had a residence money of $27,477. One more appealing observation is that while 58% of all those looking for assistance for challenges relating to lottery games resided in primarily 4 different counties, a few of the four counties do not supply any other sorts of legalized gambling.

The important level to don’t forget is that problem gambling is treatable for these who search for help and the 1st step to recovering is admitting it.

Do you or an individual you know:

  • Usually prevent at the usefulness retail store, gas station or somewhere else to acquire scratch off tickets or other lottery video games?
  • Spend more money than can afford to lose?
  • Use cash earmarked for other reasons?
  • On successful, reinvest winnings, or shell out additional than planned on purchases?
  • Lie to other folks about how a lot income or time is expended taking part in lottery game titles?
  • Working experience emotions of anger, stress or stress if can’t play the lottery or on shedding?
  • Frequently believe about obtaining lottery tickets, scheduling the up coming outing, or fantasizing about how lottery winnings will be put in?
  • Borrow or steal from other individuals to secure the money desired to preserve participating in lottery games?

If you responded of course to just one or a lot more of the over indicators, gambling may well be a issue. The Florida Council on Compulsive Gambling’s 24/7, Private, and Multilingual HelpLine may perhaps be attained by contacting 888-Confess-IT (888-236-4848), texting (321) 978-0555, emailing, initiating a live chat at, or by reaching out on social media platforms, these types of as Facebook and Twitter. The HelpLine provides help and hope for anyone struggling from the results of a gambling issue.