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Well, you may know some of the most iconic Australian car brands like Brabham and Bolwell, but we bring you a selection of five really interesting cars made in Australia and, Who knows?, maybe you know some new ones.

We start the list of Australian car brands with the Brabham BT62R is the road variant of the BT62, fitted with a naturally aspirated V8 5.4 700hp engine with 667 Nm of torque on tap, with revised engine mapping for use on the road.  The Brabham BT62R ’s exhaust system is revised to quiet the system for road use but with minimal back-pressure to maintain instant power and response.

Drive is through a 6-speed sequential transmission with revised gear ratios more suitable for road use.  Steering wheel paddle operation is standard.  The transmission provides instant, clutch-free changes on track, but also has a traditional clutch for smooth operation on public roads. 

BRM Sportscars is a producer of limited-production cars. The BRM Banshee is a lightweight sports car powered by a turbocharged Hayabusa motorcycle engine. Power is transmitted to the wheels through a custom-designed drive system with 6-speed sequential shift and electric reverse gear. The chassis of this Australian sport car is made of Kevlar and carbon fiber composite panels, and other materials. The body is made with glass fiber and inside the car, we can find a roll cage that meets the FIA ​​specifications.

Bolwell is an Australian sports car brand that has been engaged in the design and manufacture of sports cars for the past 55 years. One of the most notable achievements of Bolwel Nagari 300 is its extremely light weight, thanks to the extensive use of fiber carbon, which reduces the weight by less than one ton. It reaches 0-100Kph in 4–4.5 secs and it’s fitted with a 3.5 V6 with a 300 bhp approx.

Quantum GP is an Australian car manufacturer. Their flagship car is the Quantum GP 700, which resembles quite a bit to an F1 car. The car’s selling proposition is its 1:1 power to weight ratio and 1G of downforce that delivers an awesome driving performance.

The Quantum GP 700 weighs only 700kgs and takes less than 2.6s to reach 100km/h from a standstill, with a top speed of 320 km/h. At the heart of the car is a twin supercharged custom made 2.7L engine, which delivers 700bhp and drives the rear wheels, at its peak performance it consumes 6 liters of fuel per minute. The engine is mated to a 6 speed Hollinger sequential transmission.

Unique aerodynamic design combined with a tubular chassis made from a combination of carbon fiber, aluminum and Kevlar gives the car 12,000N or 1.6Gs of downforce at 280km/h and a fantastic stability and corning ability respectively.

 The operation of The Edge Products company is very different from the others, they don’t sell the car, but the plans for you to build yourself, and the materials necessary to make it happen. Buying the components and building the Barracuda buggy parts yourself, according The Edge Products, will cost approximately €5.000 to €6.800,  without the motorbike engine, which will be the one of your choice.

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