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At drivingyourdream we bring you a complete list of Polish car brands. We’re dedicated to low volume car brands and to offer free automotive design courses.

In 2016 we did the world largest list of all car brands in current production; maybe you didn’t know how many car brands are there in the world, but there are currently more than 3.300, and now we try to keep it updated. It is a rather laborious work, of constant investigation, for which we greatly appreciate the collaboration of others, since it is hard for us to follow all sources of information.

Ursus, founded in 1983 was the first company to produce automobiles in Poland, became known for the tractors it manufactured in 1922. The company is still active today. The Polish automobile industry represents an important sector of the Polish economy, employing 130,000 people, accounting for 11% of Polish industrial output, 4% of GDP, and 21% of exports. Poland is among the 25 countries in thw world with the highest volume of car production, with nearly half a million cars manufactured in recent years. 

In recent years Poland has managed to attract a large amount of foreign investment due to its strong industrial fabric and its attractive conditions for investors, it is estimated that around € 5 billion have been invested in recent years

Many foreign manufacturers decide to locate in Poland to produce vehicles, such as Opel, Toyota, Fiat, Volvo, Volkswagen, Solaris (buses), Scania and Man. But also has more than 20 own cars brands from Poland

How many car brands are in Poland?

There are currently 25 brands in our list of all Polish car manufacturers, although new brands are constantly emerging.

We hope you will discover many new car brands made in Poland, and even totally unknown car brands before you see this post. If you want to add any, please write to us if you know any brand missing on the list

Without further ado, enjoy the Full Polish Car brands List

  1. ​AMZ
  2. Arrinera
  3. Artiplast ( Mazur ) – Sam
  4. Bojar
  5. Caro
  6. Cree
  7. Easer
  8. Genesis 303
  9. FSO
  10. Harley-Thunderbolt
  11. Izera
  12. Kimbex
  13. Kozmo
  14. Legendcars
  15. Leopard
  16. Markas
  17. Marotti
  18. Melex
  19. Motoplast
  20. Nowy Polonez
  21. Romet
  22. Syrena
  23. Triggo
  24. Virketis
  25. Wikpol

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